In this post we will be checking out XferRecords’ Serum. Serum is easily my personal favorite synth, and many would argue that it is currently the most versatile and powerful software synth that has been developed. The wavetables alone are enough to make any good producers heart skip a beat when they discover how incredible they can sound. I recently purchased a copy of this software, and I have used it in just about every project I have started since. You can check out my use of this synth in one of my most recent projects here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.04.51 PM

Why Serum is so Great

What makes Serum so great is the raw power and sheer strength that is contains. Every wavetable has an intense presence and energy that is almost unmatched by any other synth. When added together using both oscillators, these wavetables can create sounds that were unprecedented until XferRecords unleashed this monster into the music production community. The slightest turn of a knob can create very diverse changes in a sound. Another added bonus to this fantastic piece of software is that you can even import wavetables from other synthesizers into serum. This means you can take your favorite sounds from all of your other synths and bring them into the powerhouse that is serum!


One of the greatest things about this synth is the assignable LFO. LFO stands for “Low Filter Oscillator” and they can control the movement and speed of position changes for all the different variable parameters on the synth. What is so special about the LFOs in Serum is how customizable they are. You can literally design them in any way you couple possibly imagine. You can use something from a simple triangular shape as scene in the picture above, or go in depth and create intricate patterns as seen in the image below.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.22.42 PM

While I wouldn’t recommend attempting to master this synth to a beginner, I think every producer should work toward adding this mammoth to their arsenal. There’s no arguing with the fact that you can create some of the heaviest and electric sounds with this digital synth!

Connecting to the Community

You can take a closer look into the serum users community on the official software forums!


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