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If you’re interested in analog synthesis, is a great place to poke around to look at some cool stuff. You can find a wide variety of synth related things in their blog. They’ve got it all covered from synthesizer convention details to product reviews. Just scrolling through the first page of their blog words like “Moog” and
Prophet” will jump out to the average synth fanatic. Theres no doubt that the team behind knows what they are doing.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 3.03.37 PM

A Look Into Analog

Greatsynthesizers does a good job of bringing interesting and relevant content to their synth fanatic audience. They are constantly updating their blog with new information about the hottest analog synths. They have some great links to articles about new concepts in analog synthesis. They also provide information on the various things you can do to keep your synths in good working order. You can find links to different product services like professional repairs and maintenance.

I myself gravitate towards digital synthesizers due to their compact nature and relative ease of use, but I do love a great analog synth. I learned some of my first lessons in synthesis working on an old Prophet that we would use in our projects at Houston Community College. Analog synthesizers were around long before digital synthesizers, and you can learn the core concepts of synthesis much more easily than if you tried to jump right into something like Serum or Massive. One of my favorites is the Mini Moog, and greatsynthesizers has tons of information on the Mini as well as other great synths. You will find awesome stuff on all of the best synth manufacturers like Moog, Oberheim, Roland, and many more on their blog.


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