What else do we use Synths For?

Synths are amazing instruments…

…but they are used for more than just music. A lot of the special effects you hear in movies were made using synthesizers. The transformers series in particular is one where you can hear a predominant use of synthesized sounds. Most people think of crappy 80s tunes when they hear the word synthesizer, but they probably don’t realize synths can be used for things other than music

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 9.58.41 PM.png


As previous discussion indicates, electronic music is all about synthesizers. It’s all about bending and morphing the sounds to make really powerful and emotional sounds. EDM is where synthesizers are pushed to their maximum. A crunchy synth over a sub line on a 100,000 watt sub bass system sounds like nothing else. It’s something that has to be experienced to understand why people love the sounds these synths make so much.


Lots of radio hosts use their own person synths for special effect during their shows. A lot of what you hear on a stations tag is from a series of preset sounds these radio operators have set up to either a keyboard or beat pad of some sort. Shock jock radio hosts use these special effects to add suspense or humor to their shows. In this way, the synth is used as a tool to play pre-assigned recordings that aid the quality of the show.

There are many different ways to use synthesizers. These are just a few. Try to come up with your own uses for synthesizers that others may not have thought of!



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